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What Luxury Buyers Want

Luxury home buyers know what they like and have the ability to own it. Wikipedia describes luxury as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living”. It brings to mind all of the furnishings, equipment and conveniences available. But what are the items luxury homebuyers want? Here are some of the top requirements.

Style and Layout of the Home: Whether it’s an Open Floor Plan, Ranch or 2-Story, European, Modern, or in the heart of the City, luxury homebuyers usually have a specific style in mind. Luxury homebuyers know the must haves for their homes.

Technology: Smart Home technology which includes operating systems from the homeowners smart phones to top of the line security systems with infrared cameras. LED wall pads to adjust or program lights and thermostats or smart appliances such as a refrigerator that tells you when you’ve removed the last carton of milk. Or possibly, the ability to remotely adjust the window shades, lights and cameras. For the affluent buyers the options are endless.

Kitchen: Restaurant quality commercial appliances, dual islands with oversized countertops in various materials with extras like wine coolers, warming drawers, large pantry, pizza oven, separate beverage refrigerators or walk-in coolers are often required. Or they may desire two kitchens, the main kitchen and a second for staff. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a lot of consideration should be given.Another request is a collapsable door from the living room or kitchen to the outside space. This extending door will often horizontally fold to open or disappear in to the wall to provide a seamless transition from interior to exterior space. Homeowners who love to entertain often seek out this option.

Outdoor Kitchens: Equally as important as the indoor kitchen is the outdoor kitchen. This room, usually part of the patio or garden, must include many of the same items as the indoor kitchen. It’s preferred if it has a larger patio area for dining, since it usually doesn’t have a separate dining room. This is an area that can easily be overlooked but often as important as the rooms within the home.

Location, Location, Location: The location of the home is usually the first thing buyers think about. This may be in close proximity to work or other family members, school, work restaurants, lifestyle, etc. Usually this is determined before the buyers talks with their agent but an agent can be very helpful with buyers who still need help. In addition, to the area the home is located, other considerations are things that surround the home. Is it close to a busy road with traffic noise? Is there an eye-sore that must be considered? What about the views? Is there a beautiful view of the city skyline, mountains, park, open space or golf course? Depending on your requirements, the location can make or break a great home.

Amenities: The list of amenities within the home are endless. These can include an exercise room, wine-cellar, theater room, bar, pool, hot-tub, fireplace or fire pit on the patio, putting green, meditation room, gift wrap room, safe room, the list goes on.

Spa Bathroom: When you talk about luxury you have to consider the master bath. Steam showers or saunas and large jetted soaking tubs are often required, along with heated toilet seats, heated towel racks and floors, refrigerators, touch-less faucets, great lighting, smart features and anything else that can add a sense of calm and luxury to the bath.

Media/Audio: Whether it’s a big screen TV to watch the game or a full screening room with deep seating and a top of the line sound system. Luxury buyers often want all the bells and whistles when it comes to the audio/visual.

Closets and Storage: The master bedroom closet is an extremely important room (yes I said room). It must have a separate island with plenty of storage, often with a washer and dryer. Buyers like built-in spaces for displaying shoes, handbags and other high end garments plus drawers for jewelry, watches, eye glasses, etc. Chandeliers, cushioned bench, walls of mirrors and ample dressing space, you can’t overdo the master closet.

The luxury home market is always expanding with the latest and greatest. Don’t be worried about finding the qualities and amenities you desire in your own home. The perfect home is always out there. Call me, I’m happy to hel



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