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Oops! The Great Housing Crash that Never Happened: Debunking the Doomsday Predictions


In the final quarter of last year, numerous housing experts sounded the alarm, predicting an imminent crash in home prices. These dire forecasts from prominent figures such as Jeremy Siegel, Mark Zandi, and Goldman Sachs sent shockwaves through the real estate market. However, as we look back at the past months, it's evident that these predictions didn't materialize. In fact, home prices have shown resilience and are bouncing back from the minor depreciation they experienced. It's time to debunk the doomsday narrative and reassure consumers that the worst is over.

Questioning Consumer Confidence:

The forecasts of a housing market crash undoubtedly cast doubt in the minds of many potential buyers and sellers. This skepticism among consumers can be seen in the December Consumer Confidence Survey conducted by Fannie Mae. The survey revealed that a larger percentage of Americans believed home prices would decline in the coming year compared to any other December in survey history. Consequently, this hesitancy caused people to reconsider their homebuying or selling plans as we entered the new year.

Home Prices Stand Strong:

Contrary to the alarming predictions, home prices did not come crashing down. In fact, they have shown resilience and are already rebounding from the minimal depreciation experienced over the past several months. In a recently released report, Goldman Sachs affirmed that the global housing market, including the United States, is stabilizing at a faster pace than expected, despite rising mortgage rates. House prices are defying expectations and rising in major economies.

Verifying the Rebound:

The claims made by Goldman Sachs find support in the latest releases of two prominent home price indexes: Case-Shiller and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Both indexes indicate that home values have turned the corner and are on an upward trajectory. These numbers provide concrete evidence that the market is recovering and dispel the fears that were once propagated.

Setting the Record Straight:

When the predictions of significant home price declines were made last fall, they were amplified through various media outlets, creating a sense of impending doom. However, as forecasters now admit that their projections were off the mark, they are not as vocal about the positive turn of events. As real estate professionals, it is our responsibility to correct this narrative in the minds of the American consumer.


The housing market defied the doomsday predictions made just a few months ago. Instead of a crash, we are witnessing a rebound in home prices, demonstrating the market's resilience and stability. The fears that once gripped potential buyers and sellers should be put to rest. It is crucial for us, as real estate professionals, to inform and educate consumers about the true state of the market, assuring them that the worst is over. The whispers of recovery need to drown out the megaphones of panic. Let's embrace this positive turn of events and restore confidence in the strength of the residential real estate market.



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