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Must-Have Features in Homes for 2024


Every year, I witness shifts in the priorities of my homebuyers, reflecting evolving preferences and needs. And 2024 is no different, the trends continue to evolve. Here are 7 of the top features required by homebuyers in 2024.

1.Multi-Generational Housing

As the housing market remains uncertain, a growing trend in 2024 is the desire for multi-generational living spaces. Retirees are opting to modify their homes to age in place, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are gaining popularity as an innovative solution. Beyond accommodating extended family, ADUs add up to 24% to home value, making them a valuable investment. The flexibility of these spaces, whether used for family members or as home offices, is a significant draw, boosting home values by 20% to 25%.

2. Luxurious Bathrooms:

Buyers in 2024 are seeking bathrooms that offer a spa-like experience. Upgrades such as rain shower heads, double-sink vanities, and extra storage contribute to the modern, luxurious feel. The demand for more spacious bathrooms is met with creative solutions like adding mirrors or expanding square footage. Creating an oasis within the home has become a top priority for buyers, elevating the appeal and value of a property.

3. Get Cooking in the Kitchen:

Kitchens are always a focal point in home design and that doesn’t change in 2024. Upgrades to this space, including more space to entertain, multiple sinks, new refrigerators, and flexible pantry spaces, are becoming major selling points. The trend towards more prep space in kitchens, especially in new constructions, reflects the increasing importance of this area as a central hub. Enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen is a key focus for homebuyers.

4. Build or Convert a Home Office:

Home offices are now a non-negotiable feature, with various creative solutions if unable to have a dedicated office space. Converting walk-in pantries or closets into dedicated workspaces provides homeowners with efficient solutions. This trend accommodates the need for remote workspaces, fitting seamlessly into various areas of the home, from guest rooms to children's rooms.

5. Warm Wood Finishes:

The resurgence of warm wood finishes signals a shift away from cooler gray tones. Incorporating wood finishes with gold or orange undertones adds a luxurious and modern touch to spaces. Whether applied to interior moldings, floors, or paneling finishes on walls, warm wood finishes are a timeless choice for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

6. Earthy Finishes and Neutrals:

In 2024, earthy materials and textures, such as clay and terracotta, are again gaining prominence. Earth-toned shades in deep greens, dark blues, and warm browns replace the whites and beiges of previous years. Incorporating versatile materials like terracotta or porcelain adds texture, while darker tile finishes on floors ground the space and withstand high traffic.

7. Additional Storage:

Addressing the need for more space, 2024 places a strong emphasis on additional storage. Homeowners are exploring options like finishing basements or attics to create extra room. For those unable to undertake major renovations, simple solutions like utility carts or behind-the-door hooks offer practical and stylish storage solutions, helping keep clutter at bay.

I always tell my client to not take all of this too seriously. Rather create a home that reflects your own personal taste and lifestyle rather than following the trends.  If you’re every curious about remodel or changes, reach out, I’m always available to talk.



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