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How a Real Estate Agent Helps Market Your Home

You’re ready to sell your house. But what do you need most from your real estate agent? According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one of the top needs for recent sellers is effective marketing of their home to potential buyers. You might find this to be your primary requirement too.

When you partner with a skilled real estate agent, you can expect more than just a well-crafted listing description and high-quality photos. Here are some of the key marketing strategies that agents use to ensure your home stands out:

Listing on the MLS

Listing your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) significantly boosts its visibility among real estate agents and buyers. This increased exposure can lead to more traffic, higher offers, and ultimately, a better sale price.

Using a Yard Sign

A yard sign captures the attention of people driving or walking by your home. This method generates local interest since neighbors might know someone looking to move into the area. It also prominently displays your agent’s contact information, making it easy for interested buyers to reach out.

Hosting an Open House

An open house, advertised and hosted by your agent, showcases your home to multiple buyers simultaneously. This can create a sense of competition, leading to stronger offers. It also provides your agent with valuable feedback from visitors, which can help refine your marketing strategy if needed.

Showcasing on Your Agent’s Website

Featuring your home on your agent’s website ensures a professional presentation of your property. Visitors to the site are typically serious buyers, increasing the likelihood of attracting genuine interest.

Leveraging Social Media

A well-established social media presence allows your agent to market your home to a broad audience. Social media marketing makes it easy for people to share your listing with friends and family who might be interested.

Providing Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer convenience for buyers, particularly those relocating from out of town. This technology allows potential buyers to tour your home at any time, showcasing your agent's commitment to using the latest tools to market your property effectively.

According to NerdWallet:

“A good real estate agent will have a robust plan to promote your listing in an effort to find the right pool of buyers. Adding your home to databases of available homes called multiple listing services (MLS), open houses, 3D virtual tours, professional photography, and broker tours for buyers’ agents (particularly for luxury homes) are all factors that may go into a marketing plan.”

Bottom Line

Marketing your house effectively requires a creative and dedicated local real estate agent. If you’re ready to sell but unsure where to start, let’s chat. I’m here to maximize exposure and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your sale.



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