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One of My Most Memorable Sales

One of the most memorable properties I had the pleasure of selling was an expansive, over 50-acre ranch that included a main house, caretaker's residence, riding arena complete with Loafing Shed, Paddocks, Pasture, Tack Room, vehicle and equipment building, utility shed, and a charming gazebo perfect for hosting gatherings. With its five pastures featuring lean sheds and heated water, this ranch was not only a picturesque haven but also renowned equine property. When the time came for the owner to downsize and embark on extensive travels, she entrusted me to find her a new home that matched the splendor of her ranch yet offered the convenience of a lock-and-leave lifestyle. Through multiple real estate transactions, our professional relationship blossomed into a close friendship, a testament to the deep connections formed with my clients, who often transition from clients to friends, and in many cases, feel like family.

It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do—bringing dreams to life and forging lasting bonds with my clients along the way. From the joy of discovering the perfect property to the satisfaction of seeing my clients transition seamlessly into their next chapter, every transaction holds its own unique story. As I continue to build my community of homeowners-turned-friends, I am grateful for the trust placed in me to navigate such significant life transitions. Together, we celebrate not just the sale of homes but the creation of memories and the deepening of relationships that endure long after the keys have changed hands.



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